The Shchukin Collection: Russia’s great art rescue


Henri Matisse’s “L’atelier rose” (1911) being restored at the Pushkin Museum

They survived revolution, war and the cold. Now restored works from a legendary Moscow collection are going on show.

This summer, as 130 works from the collection head to Paris for an exhibition at the Louis Vuitton Foundation in October, Russian and French art experts see it as a triumph of art over the century-long onslaught of war and revolution. “Considering what they have been through, the paintings are in good condition,” says Anne Baldassari, the exhibition’s curator. The Soviet authorities considered the works bourgeois and not ideologically correct, so they were banned for a long period from being shown in public. It would be half a century before Shchukin’s achievements as a pioneering collector were acknowledged.

‘Icons of Modern Art. The Shchukin Collection’ is at the Louis Vuitton Foundation, Paris, from October 22 to February 20;
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Gül Çelikkıran -my first post: Poetry inspired by Art

A poem by Bora, one of my most precious friends. It is called “Missing”, after an artwork of Tamara Kvesitadze (2011), below:



can illuminated thin screens under the blankets
carry the warmth over the distances?
when the corpses who once sharing warmth
are lying under the cold soil
while the furnitures we carried together
are staying still in the same exact points
and sending zombie memories back cruelly
while the bodies are rotting no faster
than my soul is
when every vital breath is
rooted in the past
moment is
from your weak existence.